Siemens recrute 5 Nouveaux Profils

Siemens recrute les profils suivants: 

-HR Generalist.
-Quality H&S Technician.
-Procurement & Logistics Leader.
-Direct Purchaser.
-Quality Controller.

Siemens SA est une filiale de Siemens AG, groupe international, leader dans le secteur de la haute technologie, synonyme depuis plus de 165 ans, de performance technique, d’innovation, de qualité, de fiabilité et de présence globale.

Siemens opère principalement dans les domaines de l’électrification, de l’automatisation et de la digitalisation et compte parmi les principaux fournisseurs au monde de technologies à haute efficacité énergétique, qui contribuent à préserver les ressources naturelles.

L’entreprise est leader mondial dans la construction d’éoliennes, l’un des principaux constructeurs de turbines à gaz et à vapeur pour la production d’énergie, un acteur majeur du transport d’énergie, mais aussi un pionnier des solutions d’infrastructures, des équipements d’automatisme, des systèmes d’entraînement et des solutions logicielles dédiées à l’industrie.

En outre, l’entreprise est un acteur de premier plan de l’imagerie médicale, qu’il s’agisse de scanographie ou d’imagerie par résonance magnétique, ainsi que du diagnostic de laboratoire.

A travers ses 220 collaborateurs, Siemens Maroc participe pleinement au rayonnement économique du royaume depuis 1956. 

Au 30 septembre 2015, date de clôture du dernier exercice, Siemens Maroc a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires de 69 millions d’euros.

Siemens recrute 5 Nouveaux Profils

HR generalist -Tanger


  • Support the HR team in these daily activities
  • Participate in HR projects
  • Definition and updating of key profiles to manage future demand
  • Identify, establish and maintain excellent relationships with target universities
  • Positioning Siemens as an « Employer of Choice »:
  • Represent Siemens as an Employer of Choice through knoweldge of Siemens employer branding, in depth understanding of Siemens business and knowledge of the labour market
  • Act as first point of contact for applicants (incl. recruiting events, e.g. at universities)

Relationship management

  • Facilitate professional and smooth communication with all stakeholders involved in the recruiting process
  • Maintain and leverage a recruiting network

Assurance of high-quality service

  • Responsibility for achievement of target KPIs
  • Maintain current knowledge of current labor market trends, competitors and general recruiting trends and intelligence
  • Continuous communication with internal and external stakeholders

Profil recherché:

-Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (or equivalent)

-Significant experience gained within a manufacturing environment.

-Excellent communication skills

-English is mandatory for this position

Recruiters should possess the following personal attributes:

-Excellent presentation skills and ability to engage audiences.

-Exceptional communications skills.

-Builds relationships and works well across functions.

-Employs effective time management skills and meets deadlines.

-Demonstrates a strong dedication to serving customers.

-Maintains direction and focus by leveraging organizational abilities and proactive planning.

-Can compel and persuade individuals or teams that operate inside and outside the company.

-Develops and implements innovative and creative solutions to business problems.

-Encourages and expects others to think progressively and not be limited by existing methods and procedures.

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Quality H&S Technician -Tanger



Ensure the quality processes of the blades and transport equipment. Check the repairs and the correct maintenance of them and take care of everything related to H&S and Environment.


  • Quality inspection of the components (Blades and Transport Equipment) in the factory and external storage area after unloading or before loading them.
  • Quality inspection of the tools that arrive from,
  • New providers.
  • Returns of the site.
  • Shipping from Spain.
  • Detect defects and missing parts, generating reports for the repair or replacement of the same.
  • Inspection and validation of the repairs carried out by the approved repair companies, creating a report and photographic record of them.
  • Description of the work carried out during the loading of the ships, as well as in the case of problems during the operation of the same, resolution of technical incidents, mainly with tools when necessary.
  • Weekly safety talks to coworkers and suppliers.
  • Report in Sphera all the incident (H&S and Environment).
  • Check different risks during different operations, installations or suppliers and report them.

Profil recherché:


  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.
  • Communication skills.
  • Teamwork.
  • Availability for travels.
  • Languages: High level written and spoken in English and French. Valuable knowledge in Spanish.
  • Valuable previous knowledges in Blades and Transport Equipment.
  • Knowledge in H&S. (medium level).
  • University Degree: Industrial Engineer or similar.

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Procurement & Logistics Leader -Tanger


  • Ensure the respect and the implementation of SGRE procurement procedures
  • Ensures implementation of Procurement standards, regulations and guidelines;
  • Ensures efficiency of Procurement & Freight operations;
  • Manage all ordering activities (Inventory Related Items);
  • Monitor the optimization of inventory management;
  • Improve continuously the material turnover, efficiency and processes;
  • Develop a standardized operating practice to help the team in daily follow ups and reporting;
  • Managing and ensuring all Procurement & freight activities and leading the team to achieve the defined targets;
  • Assist the team in ensuring a first-time quality & effective service;
  • Lead the team to work cooperatively and promote collaboration with the internal customers;
  • Create and promote a good working environment for the team;

Profil recherché:

-Bachelor’s – Master’s degree or equivalent in Supply chain

-Min 5 years of Experience in SCM (Ordering and Logistics)

-English is mandatory for this position.

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Direct Purchaser -Tanger


  • Responsible for the Purchasing of all direct materials or factory capital equipment for Blade manufacturing;
  • Responsible for managing all purchase requisitions; clarifying unclear items; recommending alternatives;
  • Responsible for obtaining quotations from suppliers where framework agreements are not in place;
  • Contract execution;
  • Create purchase orders in order to order materials, goods and supplies;
  • Interact with the suppliers on a day to day basis;
  • Review deliveries against the orders. Track the status of any orders;
  • Ensuring that the materials/parts are delivered within time, to budget, and to specification;
  • Deal with non-supplied, under orders, over orders and damaged goods;
  • Intervene actively in payment problems solving;
  • Produce and maintain all required reports;
  • Manage relationships with key suppliers to maintain quality of goods, timely delivery and compliance to terms of contracts;
  • Ensuring use of globally defined methods, processes and systems to ensure a high process efficiency and compliance;
  • Implement supplier strategies to ensure long term cost efficient supply of materials and services;
  • Contribute to implementation and ensure usage of globally defined methods, processes and systems to ensure high process efficiency and process compliance;
  • Prepare and conduct negotiations for medium purchasing volumes to obtain highest feasible savings;
  • Generate, document and implement savings. Plan, monitor and report on relevant KPI to contribute to the success of the business and make results transparent;
  • Support supplier management processes, update supplier evaluation systems to obtain and develop the best suppliers and ensure transparency and high procurement quality;
  • Ensure a close cooperation with internal customers to ensure customer care and early involvement;
  • Resolve interface problems relating to procured goods and services both internally and externally.

Profil recherché:

-Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (or equivalent) in logistics, Supply Chain or purchasing.

-Minimum 3 years of experience in the field of Purchasing, Supply Chain & logistics

-Preference will be given to candidates with experience in SAP (Material Management)

-Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision is a must

-Demonstrated strong analytical, problem solving, and multitasking skills

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Quality Controller -Tanger


  • Registration of any deviations from the required quality of the blades
  • Analysis of fiberglass and resin properties
  • Initiate actions according to guidelines, when quality does not match the standards
  • Random testing associated with blade production
  • Visual inspection of the blade
  • Apply specialized quality systems, equipment, tools and methods
  • Respond to quality related enquiries, and act as first point of contact in subject matters
  • Establish close relationships to operatives and ensure quick feedback loops in order to ensure that blades are produced in accordance with the required quality requirements
  • Support or complete failure investigations in the course of claim management procedures

Profil recherché:

-Studies: Bac + 2 or more (Technical Studies)

-Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience in Quality domain as quality technician, controller or equivalent

-Language: English / French


  • You are structured, quality conscious and have an eye for detail with a proactive approach to your tasks
  • Experience of working a shift pattern that includes nights
  • Have good communication skills and be familiar with MS Office

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